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HADO is the first-ever active esport that uses AR tech and motion sensors without requiring the player to be tethered to a gaming system, controllers, or cables. The digital experience is enabled by an AR device that players wear on their heads and a motion sensor the size of a smartphone worn on the wrist. Players are able to move unrestricted in the real environment while interacting with the digital items they can see through the AR headset. 

Attributes of HADO

HADO is a physical game that requires great footwork, lightning-fast speed and fantastic agility. Players not only compete against their opponents but also an 80-second clock ticking away to the final buzzer. It balances physical skill and strategy regardless of whether a player is a natural athlete or born tactician. Players who succeed at the game will be in constant motion while diving, bending, and squatting to evade the energy balls hurled by the other team. Young or old, able or physically challenged can also get active or simply have fun!


Where is HADO

Hiroshi Fukuda, founder and CEO of meleap Inc., dreamed of throwing hadoken energy balls in the real world, which led him to start HADO in 2014. Since its inception, HADO has been played in over 36 countries as a sport utilizing technology to cultivate a new community surpassing language, culture and even location. There are regular competitions in each HADO country to get enthusiastic players pitting their wits and physical capabilities against one another. Top players globally will contest in the annual HADO World Cup in Japan!

How to play HADO

New to HADO? Have a look at the video on how to play HADO. With simple actions on your motion sensor hand, coordinate with your visual to unleash energy balls at your opponents or pull out shields to protect yourself and your team mates. Move your body to avoid getting hit. With our customised and light-weight AR goggles, you can move freely in the real-world environment and avoid collision with your team mates, so play at will in an augmented world!

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HADO AR Sport Guide

HADO is a team sport played with up to three people on each team. Each game lasts 80 seconds. The team with the most points at the buzzer wins. If a match ends in a draw, teams compete in overtime. The first team to score wins.

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