About Us

We may be a small start-up but we have a big heart. We found HADO in the middle of 2017 and fell in love immediately with the enormous potential Augmented Reality (AR) can bring to the forefront of eSports gaming industry in Singapore. It is the passion Meleap sees in us that gives us the sole distributorship for HADO in this little red dot. This new genre of active eSports is something where we hope key government bodies in every country as well as the Olympics committee (IOCC) can endorse. Here’s an interesting article by Sport Techie in US: https://www.sporttechie.com/hado-augmented-reality-energy-balls-global-sport/. Food for thought?

NexRealm Productions with the HADO AR Sports gaming concept believes in cultivating and investing in our youth interests and talents in the eSports gaming industry. This is in conjunction with the directives and support by the Singapore Government (such as IMDA’s Connected Games) to create a vibrant games ecosystem in Singapore and the South-Asia region, and to position Singapore as a gaming hub for Asia.

We aim to engage our youth through local tournaments and sponsoring winning team to Japan, not just to take part in a major tournament but also an opportunity to mingle with other countries’ participants. HADO is here to stay and we like to be part of the bigger community across the globe to promote an alternative and healthy lifestyle so people from all walks of life can bond together. Also, we do hope to create a link in the near future where our aspiring youth can engage with the creative innovators from Meleap in Japan; providing a platform for our youth to pursue their interests in the AR eSports gaming industry, and Be the Hero!