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HADO AR Exergaming, world-first non-sedentary eSport and one for the future of eSport! We would love to collaborate with you to bring the very first Augmented Reality (AR) eSport from Japan. Be the Hero and help spread our love for HADO to every corner of Singapore. The realisation of the magical world with such cool skills makes us deliver the great excitement to everyone! It is not just an electronic game, be immersed in AR technology, exercise and gaming combined! With an AR goggle and a motion sensor armed on your wrist, coordinate your visual and hand motion, unleash that competitive edge in you, break a sweat and fire away! Dip, Dodge, Dive!!

If you are from Family Arcade Centres, Events & Carnival Organisers, Gyms studios, Education Institutions, Holiday Resorts etc, please feel free to fill out the collaboration form below and let us know if you may have any specific requirements. Is Obesity a problem in schools? With Exercise and gaming combined, students won’t know they are working out while having fun at the same time! Keen to showcase your product and services with the future of eSports? Alternatively, you may WhatsApp us (message only) at: (65) 8802 7527.

If you are interested in having our HADO games as a permanent fixture in your business (perhaps gyms and HIIT programs?) and as part of your service and product offering, or if you have any innovative ideas of collaboration with HADO Singapore, please fill up the form below and we will contact you shortly.