NTU C3 Club Members Event

Cyberwellness, Cybersports and Cyber Wellness aka C3 club members from NTU came on down to experience HADO.  Sportsmanship and Fun while exercising were what we seen at our concept store for the day. Stay tuned for our inter-varsity competition for 2018! AR Technology Sport is here to stay, here in Singapore.

“First and foremost, my compliments for sending such a great team of facilitators for our event. Their professionalism enabled the event to run smoothly and allowed the participants to enjoyed themselves. It was the first time that the participants came into contact with AR technology. They were amazed by how well the technology integrated with the sport and how smoothly it flowed. Though there were some issues that the sensors were not as responsive as expected when closer to the edge. They really enjoyed themselves and had a great time there. Some of them even mentioned that it was a great workout as a mere 80 seconds invoked them to move around greatly. Overall, the participants were extremely pleased with the HADO experience and had a great team bonding session on that day. Looking forward to our next potential collaboration!” Tan Yong Jie, Events Director

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