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Starts an active eSports business today

HADO is changing the landscape of sports and eSports businesses, moving gamers from the chair to athletics in a real-world court by combining real world athletics with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. HADO drives the future of sports to captivate both players and fans in a spectacle set to grow larger than soccer. Be it casual, leisure or competitive, HADO engages everyone to get together for a healthy bonding session.

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HADO expanded to 36 countries worldwide

Elevating fitness, sports and game to the next level

With rapid global expansion over the years, HADO has built a brand that advocates healthy living with exergaming using AR.

Photos from the recent invasion into China of a franchise in Shenzhen.

HADO Basic / Premium Package

HADO is pioneering the landscape of recreational and professional sports. As with any business, an early investment into the ideas and technology forging new markets means lower upfront costs with higher potential returns. You may like to consider the basic package for starters, which gets anyone started and enjoying HADO for around 1 to 1.5 hours. Education institutions or fitness studios conducting 1 hr class may like to consider this.

As for the premium package, it offers two sets of six devices to ensure around-the-clock operation. Even if a device drops below 40% battery charge, the entire set can be swapped out to continue the game. Billiard or Entertainment centres may like to consider this. The item list below shares more details.

S/No. Items Basic (Qty) Premium (Qty) Description
1.iPhone SE 64G713Player-view x 6 pcs & Spectator-view x 1pc
2.iPod Touch 7th 32G612Motion sensor and game parameter setting
3.Head Mounted Display (AR goggle)612AR goggle custom designed & made in Japan
4.Server & Router11High Performance Laptop×1, Router×1
5.Spectator-view Devices (aka "EYE")11Devices to enable spectators to view AR effect through TV screen
6.Chargers & Cables set11iPhone 6-port charging hub, iPhone charging cable
7.Wrist Band for iPod Touch612Motion sensor holder wristband
8.Trays24A4 size to put AR goggles and motion sensors in
9.AR Marker (Fabric or Wallpaper)226m x 2.66m (W19.7ft x H8.8ft) proprietary design artwork
10.AR Marker Wall or Stand226m*2.66m (W19.7ft x H8.8ft) marker sensor's fixtures
11.Smart TV1155" and above with HDMI port for live feed (spectator view)
12.PA systems11For live coverage and game sound
13.Playfield11W6m x D10m x H2.66m (W19.7ft x D32.8ft x H8.8ft)
14.Table11For devices storage & docking station
15.Outlet power strip (3〜5m)23For electric power to equipments
16.Internet Connectivity11Connect HADO game server with Internet

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