Our Games

HADO Digital Dodgeball (Player vs Player)

Fire energy balls to smash opponents and create shields to block opponent’s attack. Strategise your team play and be creative to win! Lots of running is involved, be warned! You will get a good workout too!

HADO Monster Battle (HMB)

All-time favourite for kids and adults alike, shoot fireballs to overcome the monsters. With a selection of Devil, Golems, Dragons to choose from, be the hero and rid them all in an augmented world!

HADO Shoot

Ever played Plants vs. Zombie mobile game? Realise your fantasy in the augmented world, quash them right in front of you. Move around, bend down and avoid their venomous poison that hinder your view!

What’s HADO ?

HADO (波动) is the first-ever sport based on wearable devices and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You can start playing with a head mount display and motion sensors.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), you are not connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen. You can run freely and dynamically activate super powers with gestures, to attack your opponents or monsters

Be the Hero, and make your childhood dream come true!

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