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Tips on HADO: How to Play Better

Want to enhance your skills further? Here are some video guides to teach you how to play better! We have heard some comments about not being able to charge their energy balls, excessive over reaction in swinging their motion sensor hand that leads to short momentarily penalty, pulling defensive shields strategically (when is the right time to do that) etc.Β 

Video Highlights: AR Sports Competition

Regular tournaments are conducted throughout the entire year. Ultimately, the teams will strive to represent Singapore for the HADO World Cup in Tokyo every year. Both young and old will come together to participate, be it for new players or veterans. Such contests can be in 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3, even solos too! 🀠 Here are some of our key highlights of past competitions.

HADO Connect

Breakdown Gameplay for Strategic Insights.

Step1: Scan QR code with HADO Connect

Step2: Play HADO

Step3: Check your gameplay data

Available for iOS & Android


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