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Prior to COVID-19 and towards a new normal post-COVID, we have always clean our AR goggles and motion sensor wristband regularly before any event and during players change-over periods.Β 

Anyone, young or old can play and have fun! We have kids as young as 6yo to seniors in the 80s, even Physically Wheeled Disabled (PWDs) are able to enjoy the HADO experience. πŸ˜‡

Sure thing, our customised AR goggles from Japan allow you to wear it with your glasses on, so don't worry about it and have fun! 😎

Our HADO experience and gameplay is short duration and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Unlike VR, where one is transposed into a virtual world and experience for at least 15 minutes and longer, HADO added virtual overlays into your visual real-world experience. Moreover, our customised AR goggles from Japan are see-through from the sides so you will know your surroundings and your team-mate's whereabouts.

No it isn't. You put on an AR goggle and a motion sensor that you wear on the wrist so it is pretty light-weight as there are no cables or backpacks tied onto you. What you need to do is simply aim from an iron sight in your visual and swing your hand from your motion sensor. You are free to move around and dodge the attacks coming your way.

We used to but we have shifted our business to mainly off-site events. We are however open to franchise ownership so if you like to open a HADO arena, please reach out to us.

Do contact us for any offsite's corporate cohesion, military offsite retreats, mass events, retail mall pop-ups, school incentives programs etc. We can recommend some venue if you do need our help.


Event Hiring Questions

We have HADO AR Sports Player vs. Player, HADO Monster Battle and HADO Shoot. HADO Monster Battle and HADO Shoot are Player vs. Monster game plays. We can setup more than one AR offering offsite, if required.

You may like to refer to the following YouTube links: (1) AR Sports: (2) HADO Monster Battle: (3) HADO Shoot:

Our AR Sports Player vs. Player is by far the most popular. Otherwise known as AR Dodgeball, players form team of 3 and compete with another team in a contactless and risk-minimal sports challenge. We can help to organise a competition format if you like.

For HADO Monster Battle and HADO Shoot game plays, up to 4 person can play. As for AR Sports, you can play up to 6 persons in a 3 vs 3 manner. You can also play 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1, 3 vs 1, 3 vs 2 or challenge against the AI Bots in different difficulty level. You can start the game play even with one person.

The turnaround time will take about 5 minutes to complete, which includes putting on AR equipment (essentially AR goggle and motion sensor wristband), games tutorial by game masters and the actual gameplay.

There is what we call as spectator view where people whom are waiting get to see the AR effects from either TV displays or large projection screens. They get to cheer for their colleagues, friends or families or simply have a good laugh.

We will need air-conditioned venues. In a hot and humid condition like Singapore, we do not want the AR equipment to mis-behave.Β 

AR Sport Player vs. Player: 7m by 10m, including space for docking the equipments and viewing area. Playing field is 6m by 10m.
HADO Shoot or HADO Monster Battle Player vs. Monster: 7m by 7m, including space for docking the equipments and viewing area.

The 3 AR offerings will require the same AR equipments but they will need a different set of AR markers (i.e. sensor which is 6m wide by 2.7m tall), wireless setup and games laptop. Common venues are: office meeting rooms, badminton courts, hotel ballrooms etc.

Yes we have. We have done it in primary school as an incentive program, secondary school for sports and science festival, technical school as a new CCA active esport pilot program.

We are looking at selling it to schools and let the students run the entire HADO experience with minimal supervision by academic staffs. It can be in the form of fitness program, hosting new students to HADO and boosting self-confidence and leadership or inter-school competitions. One such school deployment in Japan can be found here:Β 

Unlike VR offsite experience, which needs a minimal setup of game console, a head gear and a TV screen, there is a cost for setting up HADO that includes the following: (1) AR system installation (2) Hardware rental and license fee (3) Event Management and Manpower.

Depending on the space that you have, we can propose either one or more AR offerings. As a reference, we have done a corporate cohesion program for a large group in a hotel ballroom and we had 4 AR offerings set up along with some fringe activities to keep everyone occupied.

Every event requirements vary so please contact us with our enquiry form and share as much information you can and we will follow up as soon as we can.

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