Exercise + Gaming or Exergaming in short. Experience HADO with our AR Exergaming offerings. Be it pure family fun, friends or social bonding, corporate team building, private party or fitness (yes, fun HIIT program), get active, get involved and have fun with our Augmented Reality tech!

What you need to play HADO is simply an AR goggle and a motion sensor on your wrist. It is a great way to stimulate your cognitive ability between your mind / visual and hand coordination.

We are also extremely mobile and can bring the experience to you. What we need is suitable air-conditioned venue (mandatory), bare space and some simple AV logistics and we are good to go! Contact us now if you are interested!!

HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs Player (PvP)

Compete in teams of 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3. Awaken your mental and physical vigour and take on the battle against your opponents with the continuous string of powerful energy balls. Work with one another in your team, build shields to protect, strategise to win!

HADO Monster Battle (HMB)

Be the Hero! Run and dodge against the Monsters and load the special powers to overcome all of them

HADO Shoot

Try out the latest AR game that is easy to play and suitable for all ages. Launch the fireballs at the poisonous mushrooms or creatures that rush towards you and eliminate them one after another!

HADO Kart (Coming Soon!)

The latest Augmented Reality (AR) game from Japan coming soon to you. Drive the Kart, drift (yes drift!!) and collect the coins to compete with your families and friends in this great family and social bonding game!